Voice Consulting, Apps, and Education

Voice Craft LLC provides business and technology voice strategy consulting, develops voice applications  and provides voice education.


Business Strategy

- Voice Opportunities
- Voice and the Customer Journey
- Voice, physical, web and online presence synergy
- Voice Design

Technology Strategy

- Platform: Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Cortana 
- Buy vs Build
- Design and development tools
- Business User Tools


- Voice App Development
- QA
- Metrics/Analytics


- Business user training
- Voice technology development and maintenance training
- Voice Analytics


Voice Apps Built by Voice Craft

What Bin? (Bixby)

Does it go into the recycle, compost or trash bin? Or can you recycle it or dispose of it differently. Just ask Bixby (Will be released to the Bixby Marketplace)

Workout Coach (Alexa)

 It’s time to get fit and do it in less than 10 minutes a day!! Workout Coach allows you to customize your workout - length, music, workout coach and exercise order.

Workout Beats (Alexa)

Enjoy a lively selection of music to accompany your workout! The up-tempo, fun and energetic music is a perfect compliment to a great workout

Bag of Giggles (Alexa)

Bag of Giggles is a mashup of classic party games for kids: Would You Rather, Tongue Twisters and Charades